Wooden Paddle


Every paddleboard needs a paddle – there’s a famous saying concerning a creek and not having one.

Our solid wood paddles are designed and made to match our stand-up paddleboards, using ash with hardwood stringers.

We recommend ordering your paddle 20cm longer than you are tall.


Customise Your Paddle

From £1,250.00

Ash is the slightly heavier option but has a lovely spring to it, whilst Poplar is a clean and straight-grained timber that is lighter and offers just the right amount of flex to let you feel the water and get the most out of each stroke.

The blade’s kickback angle is a relaxed 11 degrees which allows the user to generate power through the entirety of the stroke, and we offer both a medium and low cadence blade template (low cadence paddles are larger, generating more power on demand and are more suited for long distance or downwind paddling). The face of the blade is foiled with a double concave, which  catches and directs the flow of water through the stroke for maximum power efficiency.

The handle is an ergonomically shaped t-bar, designed to fit nicely within the palm of your hand.

Everything we make here starts life in the timber stack outside our workshop, so all our custom products take time to make.

We will do our best to make your item as quickly as we can, but we also know that rushing things almost always ends with poor results.

Our promise to you?

Whatever you order will be worth the wait.