A Little Escape

13 . 04 . 14

As the sun starts to rise earlier and earlier each morning and the evenings slowly draw out, we’re presented with more opportunities to go surfing.  Not only is there more daylight available but the water starts to warm up and adverse conditions aren’t such an issue.  With the arrival of more favourable conditions come greater numbers of surfers enjoying the waves, and sharing the joys of surfing is a big thing for us here.  We know that we are incredibly lucky to live and work overlooking the ocean and are thankful that we’re able to make the most of good swells when so many surfers are land-locked or stuck at work.  Sometimes when it gets busy at the beach, however, it’s good to escape the crowds and go looking for quieter spots to surf.  We did just that at the end of last summer when a few of us packed up the van on a whim and headed deeper south and west to get solitary waves and some sand in our sleeping bags.

We hiked the coast path looking for small coves and low tide beaches that the small swell might wrap into, cooked fish over the fire and slept in our boardbags on the sand.  The following morning we woke at dawn to find some fun waves, made breakfast on the beach before anybody else arrived to check the surf, and made it back to work by late morning, albeit sandy and smelling of campfire.  It was just a short overnight trip, but it was a wonderful escape.  If you end up sat in a crowded line-up at any point this spring or summer then may we recommend getting hold of a map, taking a short drive, hiking the coast path and finding your own little spot to escape to, if only for a few hours.  It’s a wonderful thing and as we discovered, you needn’t go far to get a lot.

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