A Postcard From Indo

24 . 07 . 16

We like to keep in touch with everybody who has ever joined us to make their own surfboard, and it’s incredible when we receive an e-mail with a handful of images attached containing stories of a successful surf trip. Matt made a 6’4” Woodburner with us last June and surfed it close to home in Cornwall through the autumn and winter before taking it away for a wide-ranging trip across the Indonesian archipelago. When we recently sent out the invitations for our Annual Gathering of Makers event in September (an event that we put on every year for all of our past “workshoppers”) Matt’s response included these photographs from his trip which was a really pleasant surprise. Seeing the surfboards that people have made with us after they’ve left the workshop, being ridden on dream surf trips, really makes our day.

“We went on a two month-long Indo trip in April and May. The Wood Burner came along and performed amazingly. I did take some other boards but ended up surfing the Burner almost exclusively. It handled everything from 2ft fat slow longboard waves, shallow sucking reefs, a 9ft swell and everything in-between. The real one-board quiver!! Attached are a couple of shots of the Burner in action at a wave in Lombok.”

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