Aiming North: Steve’s Wooden Surfboard Workshop Experience

25 . 03 . 17

​One of the questions that we always ask anybody who joins us to make their own wooden surfboard, is where they think they’ll have their first surf on it; after all of that hard work and then having waited for it to be laminated and cured, that first splash is a really special moment.

Steve joined us for a week in early March, travelling down from his home in Northumberland not far from the north east coast. A designer and maker by trade, Steve’s work spans conception and graphic design through to large-scale installation of signs and exhibitions and he relished spending a solid week using his hands and working with a different medium as he crafted a 7’2” Coaster.

Steve usually surfs Longsands Beach in Tynemouth, a 45 minute drive across Newcastle from his home, however these days he is spending more and more time exploring the far northern reaches of Scotland with his son who is now living and working near Thurso. Despite it being almost an eight-hour drive away Steve is heading up to Scotland’s north shore regularly to surf with his son, relishing the raw beauty, solitude, and sense of adventure that comes with being one of few surfers on a coast littered with quality breaks. He said that he hoped his first surf would be in Scotland; unless the North East turns on and he can’t resist taking his Coaster for its first few waves at Longsands! We hope that, wherever that first wave is caught, Steve enjoys the fruits of his hard work and goes on to score many days of perfect empty waves on it. If we’re honest, we’re half tempted to load up the van, deliver his new board ourselves, and join him on a mission aiming north…

Somewhere on the north coast of Scotland, captured by Sam Wakerley.

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