All Ready To Ride, Glide And Slide!

15 . 06 . 14

The festival of finless-fun is back!  Our friends over at Approaching Lines are putting on another grip-less gathering on the longest day of the year, next Sunday June 22nd, and it’s going to be just down the hill from us on our local beach at Porthtowan.  The Slyder Cup has categories for finless surfboards, paipos and bellyboards, bodysurfing and surfmats, with the winner of each division facing each other in a finless final (to win a spot on one of our “Build-Your-Own” handplane workshops) – although last year we reckon that the only people keeping track of scores were the judges and tabulation team…all of the competitors were too busy having a good time and comparing equipment to worry about what their scores were.  People were entering divisions on surf craft that they’d never ridden before, and for many surfers it was the first time that they’d tried to surf without fins or had a go at bodysurfing.  It was lighthearted, inclusive and a whole heap of fun – and it’s sure to be the same this year with the added benefit that it’s a few months later into the summer so you won’t have to squeeze your feet into your fins with wetsuit socks on.

If you’re planning on heading down to join in the fun at The Slyder Cup and are in the market for a bodysurfing handplane, a bellyboard, paipo or alaia to make it through your heats on then get in touch with us.  You can also book in to come and make your own bellyboard or handplane with us over the summer so that you’re finely tuned into your equipment by the time next year’s contest comes around, although if you’re triumphant in this year’s event then the prize will be a day with us making your own handplane anyway – now there’s an incentive to enter next Sunday!

For more details and to register to enter, click here.  We look forward to seeing some of you there.

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