As Seasons Change

07 . 09 . 14

September signals the start of autumn for us here in the Northern Hemisphere.  Whilst we cling on to the sunny remains of summer for as along as possible and anticipate larger, more powerful swells generated by Atlantic storms, our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are looking forward to hanging up their thicker wetsuits and spending days enjoying the beach.  We heard from Shane recently, however, and his stories of winter surfing on the 5’10” Fetch fish that he built with us in May last year have got us really looking forward to the roll into winter.

“I’ve been managing to get in most days, we’ve had a really good winter for waves down here.  I’ve got so many good memories of surfs from the past few months but it seems as though most of those images have been committed to memory only – and there have been loads of them!  I just don’t get tired of surfing the Fetch”

We really love hearing about where Otter surfboards are being surfed and not just for the rider feedback, but because it reminds us what a truly global tribe we all are and that no matter how wild, windy and stormy it is out front, somebody’s bound to be getting great waves somewhere.

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