Surfboard Focus: 9’4″ Seasaw Longboard

20 . 09 . 13

It’s been a good summer this year.  Memories of past years of howling nor’westerly winds and incessant mizzle were banished and we spent the majority of the summer enjoying pleasant weather and small, summery waves.  Now, perhaps the apparent early onset of Autumn has caused us to cast our memories back and view the summer through rose tinted spectacles, and we’re tactfully forgetting about the crowds, lifeguard loud-hailers and parking issues at the beach, but we think that it’s better to look back and smile.  We had waves and sunshine, and that’s all anybody really wants out of a summer isn’t it?  The board of choice at Otter Surfboards those past few months when we were angled a little bit closer to the sun was the Seasaw.

Our 9’4” Seasaw is the perfect balance providing a half way house between the two models on either side, the 9’1” Wicket for performance longboard surfing and the 9’6” Pier built for traditional logging.  At 9’4” the Seasaw is not prohibitively long or heavy and can be manoeuvred easily on the wave (to make it through the summer surf school slalom course perhaps?) but is definitely designed with tip-time in mind.  The traditional planshape maintains a full nose template giving a platform for you to stand on and curl ten piggies over, whilst the modern foils and rails hold well and allow the board to pivot off the rear third.

Whilst our memories of blissful summer peelers keep the dream alive, Autumn sees the arrival of larger swells with a bit more push behind them.  Thankfully the balanced characteristics of the Seasaw mean that all it needs is a rubbing of slightly softer wax on the deck and it’ll see you good all the way through until next summer too.

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