Boardrack Briefing (Ep.7): The 7’2” Barque Wooden Surfboard

30 . 08 . 22

For anyone new to our Boardrack Briefing series; it’s a chance for us to take a closer look at our range of wooden surfboards, with a detailed and accessible overview of a different shape each episode. In the video below, James talks us through the 7’2” Barque.

If you would like to join us to make your own surfboard, click here!

Video transcript:

This is one of our 7’2 mid lengths. It’s 21 and three quarter inches wide, and two and three quarter inches thick. It’s got about 48 litres of volume in it. This board sits almost bang in the middle of our of our range of mid lengths that we do: we have a 7’4 Island topper that’s much fuller, wider, thicker. And then we have a 6’10 Jetty, which is a bit thinner, a little bit more foiled out, a little bit narrower. 

This board was originally a direct replica for a customer, we didn’t tell anyone that we’ve made it, and we had quite a few customers asking about the Island Hopper or the Jetty and they weren’t sure which one to go for. We decided to offer this as an option, and it became so popular that we actually launched it as a shape a number of years ago, and it’s proved to be a real success for us. 

So you’ll notice being a mid length of ours, and being in that slightly eggier shape. It’s got quite this full, full front end, and that gives you a really nice stability. When the waves are a bit mushy, a bit slack, gives you a nice paddle speed because of all that volume under your chest. And but then once you start to come down the board you’ll notice it does pull in and a little bit more than maybe the other two, of our of our eggs. What that gives you is hold, so when you’re in a better wave, once it creeps up to kind of four feet or so, it’s going to give you much more ability to control the board and surf off the tail. 

This board was made by Mike Mike in one of our workshops and he opted for the glass on thruster option for that exact reason. He’s thinking about the boards performance, ‘how am I going to control it best?’, and that’s why he’s opted for this thruster setup. We often fit it as a single fin, it works quite well as a single fin, and of course, as well as glass ons. ,You can have either futures or FCS boxes as well if you’re thinking more about travelling with it, they’re a really great option. 

You can, like Mike, join us for five days to make your own, or we can custom make one for you. 

When we look at the rocker line on this board, you’ll notice that it’s got a fairly relaxed continuous rocker. So that works well with that wide platform. It’s all about stability, speed, ability to catch waves easily and just maximise any surf that you can kind of throw at it. We’ll take this out in anything from one to two foot, and then anything up to four foot, head and a half or so, I’d be quite comfortable on a board like this. Because of that paddle speed, you’re going to get into waves early. But then because of that ability to control off the tail, you’re going to feel nice and secure as well. Which is really nice. It’s something I love about this board, that ability to catch lots of waves, but then also turn it really nicely off the tail. You’ll notice the volume of 48 litres comes all the way out to the rail, so the rails are relatively full, I always quite enjoy that. And then also it’s quite foiled out towards the nose. There’s not too much bulk up the front end. 

This board here has our high gloss finish, and has what we call a double sandwich layup, which is possibly one of our most popular options. Pretty stoked on this one, looking forward to Mike coming to pick this one up, and hearing about how he gets on with it. I think that’s about all I need to tell you about our Barque. If you have any further questions, just reach out you can email us call us and you can follow more of these videos on our YouTube channel. And we’ll see you next time at the next board briefing.

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