Monday Morning Surf Club In August!!

02 . 09 . 22

Our Monday mornings in August were full of fun, despite the often lack lustre summer waves, we found a way to enjoy them, even when they weren’t there! Here’s a look at how we got on…

MMSC 1/8/2022:

Overcast, onshore, hightide lumps rolling through to the beach gave us plenty to enjoy, as Chris and James caught some nice rides that walled up a treat!

MMSC 8/8/2022:

Tiny low-tide peelers in the sunshine, an absolutely beautiful day with waves barely visible from the beach – it was definitely worth getting in!

MMSC 15/8/2022:

The S in MMSC stood for Snorkel this week, as the beach didn’t even muster any thing close to a wave… So we took the opportunity to jump in for a swim and check out everything going on beneath the surface for a change!

MMSC 22/8/2022:

Low tide and tiny again with the occasional bigger dumpy wave coming through, it was great to share the waves with a few friends all on different wooden wave craft!


High tide, tiny offshore peelers made for a lot of fun with waves breaking almost right on the shore, perfect for bellyboards, a little sketch for the longboard, but we made it work!

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