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09 . 08 . 15

​In the mid-nineties, an ex-pat Aussie lifeguard residing in Hawaii named Andy Cochran started to develop a new type of swim fin.  His aim was to produce a fin for ocean lifeguards that was comfortable enough for prolonged use, powerful, and suitable for a wide range of users.  He shaped a positive mould from a wooden block and then had the first prototypes produced in Australia before bringing them back to Hawaii to be tested by Mark Cunningham and Brian Keaulana – North Shore lifeguards and world-renowned watermen.  The original design was then refined and the moulds re-tooled, and Da Fin swim fins were born.

Two different hardnesses of Natural Malaysian Rubber are utilized to produce a stiff blade with targeted flexibility (to reduce drag on the up-kick to reduce leg strain and cramps), and a soft and comfortable foot pocket and strap.  On either side of the fin blades are “strakes” which act like long, low, side fins to direct water down the fin and prevent it from spilling off the edges, providing maximum acceleration.  This feature also provides control and a degree of manoeuvrability at speed or in turbulent water.  In short, DaFin swim fins allow you to transmit the maximum amount of power from your kicks into forward thrust whilst maintaining control, so you can get into waves easily and early when bodysurfing but also stay in position and stay out of trouble in the impact zone.  They’re comfortable too, and there’s much less chance of you getting leg cramps or blisters on the back of your ankles from the straps.

DaFin swim fins are light, and they float.  Aside from how handy it is not having a fin sink if it comes off one of your feet, the low weight of them in comparison to other fins that we’ve worn is really noticeable and reduces fatigue.  You can also wear them on either foot, so there’s no trying to work out which is right or left at the waters edge.  We’re only stocking the green model (although they come in a range of colours) because a portion of the money from the sale of each pair of green fins is donated to the Defend Oahu Coalition, an organization working to protect the North Shore of Oahu from any further large developments in an attempt to “Keep the Country Country”.  Click here to order a pair, and most importantly if we’ve run out of your size then drop us a line and we’ll order a pair in your size direct from the supplier.

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