First Wooden Surfboard Workshop of the Year!

22 . 02 . 23

A couple of weeks ago we welcomed David and Simon to the workshop. See how they got on making their own wooden surfboards…

The first surfboard workshop of the year got off to a great start, not only was the sun shining, but there were chest high, offshore waves peeling in at the bottom of the hill! 

David had joined us from Jersey to make an 8’2 Pieces of Eight, a great all round board for people who want to access a variety of conditions, and have options to ride like a mid length or longboard. David would be making the board for his daughter as a surprise gift, as she is a keen longboarder who is currently on the lookout for a slightly smaller craft. 

David himself is a keen kite surfer and is well travelled in the pursuit of windy waves, it was great to share stories throughout the week of various surf related adventures, over a few cups of tea. David kindly agreed to share his thoughts of the workshop with us for the above video. It was lovely to hear his perspective of the week, as someone who has been a keen maker, and will go on to make more as a result of his experience.

Simon occupied the middle set of trestles making a 7’4 Island Hopper, a surfboard with a good amount of volume, well suited to beginners and people who want to catch a lot of waves, which ticked both boxes for Simon. Originally due to attend a course with us before lockdown, it was great to finally get him in the workshop as we had been talking about it for years!

Simon is the MD of Anglepoise, a lighting company famous for its classic and instantly recognisable 1227 Mini Desk Lamp. It just so happened that we had one upstairs in our office, so we brought it into the workshop and took some fun pictures of Simon shaping in his lamps glow. Unfortunately Simon was called away late in the week, so he was unable to finish his board with us. We are looking forward to welcoming him back one day for the last bit of shaping and sanding.

If you would like to join us to make your own wooden surfboard just like David and Simon, click here!

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