July ‘Make Your Own’ Wooden Surfboard Workshop

26 . 07 . 23

A couple of weeks ago Joe and Alex joined us to make their own wooden surfboards, check out how they got on!

Alex joined us from Devon where he works in the caring profession, he had been looking for surfboard making courses for a while before deciding on making his with Otter, due to the sustainability factor and because he wanted a board for life.

Alex made a 6’4 Woodburner, the larger fish in our range, a higher volume fish shape designed with speed, both when paddling and surfing, in mind.

Joe is a student in between his second and third years at university, and had be bought the workshop experience at a gift from his parents. He is a keen beginner surfer and had moved down to Cornwall for the summer to work on his surfing progress.

Joe make a 7’4 Island hopper, perfect for anyone at his level due to the high volume and wave catching ability.

Thanks for joining us folks, we are looking forward to calling you when your fresh new wooden surfboards are glassed, so you can come and pick them up and take them for the first surf!

If you would like to join one of our ‘make your own’ wooden surfboard workshops, click here!

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