May Wooden Surfboard Workshop in Full Swing!

23 . 05 . 23

A big welcome to Richard and Nick who have joined us for the week to make their own wooden surfboards…

Workshop weeks here at Otter are always our favourite parts of the month, the trestles are bustling with activity and excited chatter, and fresh new wooden surfboards are beginning to take shape!

At the time of writing the first outside rail strips are being glued on to the bottom skins, around the frame that was assembled and stuck down yesterday. Sitting in rocker tables, this process has already given the surfboards their basic outline and shape – the rails are then built up and by Wednesday the top skins will be on!

Nick is making a 6’10” Jetty and Richard is making a 7’4” Island Hopper – both of which you can see being surfed by Chris and Gideon respectively below…

To follow the action as it unfolds this week, click here: Facebook Instagram

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