New Board-rack Briefing: The 6’10” Jetty Wooden Surfboard

23 . 05 . 23

Here’s the latest in our board-rack briefing series, all about our hugely popular 6’10” Jetty…

Video copy:

Hey everyone! Welcome to the board rack briefing with me James Otter of Otter surfboards. Today I’m going to talk you through this Jetty. It is six foot 10 inches long. It’s 21 and a half inches wide and five eighths inches thick. With about 43 litres of volume it it’s proved to be a really popular shape over the years because it suits a really wide range of conditions. And also it’s a really fun board for surfers of any ability. I’ve had this board out through over a whole winter before. So really in anything from kind of one to two foot really slack surf to up to the head and a half height and some big rolling peaks. I really enjoy it because it’s got that extra little bit of length. An extra little bit of volume under the chest it paddles really quickly and easily. gets me into waves early. And then also there’s a lot of control off the tail here. So I feel like I’ve got a lot of faith in this board in any surf. The wide point is slightly forward of centre. So that helps with that volume on the chest of that padding speed that calls into this rounded tail, which I normally ride as a single fin rolls with that rounded out rolls from rail to rail really smoothly, which is helped by the fact that you’ve also got a V in the back here, just rocks from rail and rail, and you can have it with the option of some side bites which just adds a little bit of stability once you put the board on rail or you’re pushing it through some turns runs into a flat bottom here, all the way through the nose. And the flatter a board is, the flatter the surface of the board is the more speed you’re going to get the more lift creates more speed it gives you, so that’s where this board suits those smaller slacker days is because it just gets up and playing and moving really quickly. So it’s really good fun in those waves.

We have a little look at the rocker line and you’ll notice that it’s all about making most of those smaller days as well. It’s fairly relaxed all the way through. You’ll also notice that although two and five eight inches thick and that’s brought out fairly close to the rails, the rails themselves are fairly pinched. What that means is that when you’re on a critical part of the wave or if you set the board on its rail, it’s going to sit into the water a little bit and give you a really nice control of the board with that engagement with the water.

This board here was made by mark on one of our five day surfboard making workshop so he came into the workshop and made this himself, you can join us to make your own, or you can commission us to make one for you. And for me that just about sums up everything you need to know about the jetty but if you have any questions please feel free to ask as links for everything below if you need them. And we will see you next time!

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