Monday Morning Surf Club!

06 . 02 . 24

We were greeted by a windy, washy mess when we arrived at mid-tide Porthtowan this morning…

This was one of those sessions where it looked very surfable from the car-park, and then it’s a totally different story when you are up close and paddling! There were some rights washing through as the tide went out, just past the rocks to the left of the beach, we thought if we could line up there, we might get some good shots. After being completely humbled and ripped across the other side of the beach, we realised that this would not be possible, so focused on trying to stay central and catching whatever rolled through. It turned out that the waves were either closing out or staying fat through the lineup and then dumping, so it was really difficult to be in the right spot. A lot of paddling and swimming later with no waves ridden, we staggered back up the beach, but hey – this is a real part of surfing that happens to everybody right?!

James was valiantly duck-diving and paddling our 6’4 Woodburner.

See you for better conditions next week, fingers crossed!

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