Monday Morning Surf Club!

12 . 02 . 24

A northerly wind and lumpy swell isn’t usually a good sign at Porthtowan, so we jumped in with the bellyboards and made the most of it!

High tide meant that we had a bit of shelter from the wind and despite the dumpiness, there was some shape and some corners to be ridden… if we could paddle to the right spot. When we first jumped in, the shore-break was lurching and it felt much chunkier than it had looked from the van and with lot’s of water moving around it felt like we were in for a bit of a beating.

We both managed to guide the bellyboard into a couple of fun waves, and after the release of adrenaline as we dropped down the face, we didn’t feel too much of what came afterwards with the whitewater.

It was what Monday morning surf club is all about, getting in despite the conditions and giving it a good go, which more often than not, totally pays off!

James and Ally were taking turns on our Performance Model Bellyboard.

See you next week!

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