Otter Wooden Wave Collection

13 . 02 . 24

After making a wooden surfboard with us back in October, Jeff asked us to make him a handplane and a bellyboard to match the lay-up design of his fresh new handiwork…

Jeff spent the week of the ‘make your own’ wooden surfboard workshop making a 9’4 Seasaw, one of our all-rounder longboard shapes, a traditional planshape with modern foils and rails, great for nose riding and the small consistent peelers at Jeff’s home break in Florida US.

Jeff’s Seasaw featured a single pale sandwiched by dark wood lay-up, so we replicated the design for a performance bellyboard and a rounded pin bodysurfing handplane.

It’s the first time we have been asked to make a matching set of wave-craft to go with a wooden surfboard, it was awesome to see the collection laid out in the workshop before we packed everything to be sent to Jeff.

We love that Jeff will now be able to jump in and surf no matter what the conditions throw at him, as he has the option to choose from his very own Otter Surfboards quiver, we can’t wait to hear how he gets on!

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