Monday Morning Surf Club!

20 . 02 . 23

Onshore and mushy just off high tide, still a few waves to be had in amongst the paddling and duck dives!

Here’s a few words from James about this mornings session:

‘It was grey, onshore, there were waves, but none of us were particularly excited as they wern’t looking very makable. We toyed with taking bellyboards, but took surfboards hoping that some waves would stay open. It was more rippy than we expected, and there was a lot of paddling on the inside, but we were the only ones in the water and we did end up catching a few lovely corners!’

Gani and James shared the 5’10 Fetch

Ally rode his 6’4 Woodburner

Bow was on the 7’2 Coaster

Have a great week everyone!!

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