Monday Morning Surf Club!

27 . 02 . 23

A cold northerly wind and some wobbly chest high peelers greeted us at the beach this morning…

Here’s a few words from Ally who was filming the session:

“It was freezing on the beach, but the waves looked very inviting. They had clearly been affected by the northerly winds, but there was still enough shape for the odd one to hold up and give us a corner. Unfortunately Bow hit his face on his first wave, so James took him back to the workshop to make sure he was okay, which left me and Gani in the water to make the most of the waves.

The conditions were trickier than they looked, with a lot of waves remaining unbroken as they rolled through the line up. Gani did well to find a couple that threw over and stayed open and as the water moved up towards high tide there was less and less to catch, which was fine by us, as we were getting ‘can’t close your fingers’ kind of cold!”

Gani was riding our 5’10 Fetch.

See you next Monday!

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