Monday Morning Surf Club In April!

02 . 05 . 22

We’ve had a whole range of conditions these past few Mondays, from chunky, hollow, offshore bombs, to tiny, shallow, perfect peelers, so lets take a look back at all the good times!


It was an onshore, lumpy mess at high tide first thing. Safe to say we were the only ones in, and it was impossible to see each other over the white water, Chris made the best of it and smashed a few turns right in front of the camera, cold but worth it!


Hollow, offshore, low tide bombs hitting the banks at lushies, with only a hand full of bodyboarders out. We got in amongst it and bodysurfed into big closeout barrels, a pretty special morning!


Another lumpy, high tide session with the occasional wave throwing over, running through to the inside. We took the paipo in for a spin, ideal for small, fat waves – and it worked a treat!


There were barely any waves visible from the beach at low tide, but we took a punt and decided it could be bellyboardable. Our hunch paid off and we were rewarded with a super fun session, spent sliding along tiny peelers, in waist deep water and warm sunshine. We won’t be forgetting this one in a hurry!

It’s been awesome to look back on these Monday mornings, we are so lucky to have it all at the bottom of the hill, so hope to share the stoke for many more to come!

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