Lee, Mark and Ethan’s Wooden Surfboard Workshop Experience

20 . 04 . 22

The ultimate combination of sun, swell and favourable winds welcomed Lee, Mark and Ethan to Porthtowan for a week of making. Here’s how they got on…

Mark joined us from London where he works in industrial design, he had found out about us after reading James’s book – Do Make. Inspired, he made his own handplane – which he brought with him to Cornwall for morning bodysurfs – and was signed up to our wooden surfboard course soon after by his wife Claire.

Claire joined him for the week and brought a fun energy to the workshop, occasionally helping out with the surfboard, instigating conversation and bringing back cake from her travels around the local area. Mark made a 6’10’’ Jetty, a board suited to catching waves and surfing tightly in the pocket, which he hoped to use during regular trips down to Cornwall.

Ethan, who had grown up in Cornwall, joined us from Bristol where he works in greener energy solutions. With no previous woodworking experience, he had been given the surfboard workshop as a birthday present, and took well to the processes and new skills he was learning. Throughout the week he explored the great cafes and restaurants around St Agnes and beyond, re familiarising himself with the area, sparking fun conversations and a renewed appreciation of where we we are lucky enough to live. Ethan made a 6’4’’ Woodburner, a higher volume fish shape, ideal for catching waves and generating speed.

Lee came to us with a fair bit of woodworking experience, having worked on boats in the past and having his own carpentry workshop at home. He joined us from Barnstaple and explained that after spending his formative years surfing, he was looking to use his new board as motivation to get back in the sea. Lee made a 8’2’’ Pieces Of Eight, a smaller longboard style board, best surfed in waves 1-6 feet.

Everyone gelled well throughout the week, helping out on each others boards, going out for beers in the evening and maintaining a great level of excitement in the workshop, as their creations took shape.

Thanks folks for such a memorable week, we will miss the conversation and laughter, but can’t wait to share that first surf with you all when you come to collect your glassed boards!

If you would like to join us to make your own wooden surfboard click here…

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