Monday Morning Surf (Splash) Club

05 . 09 . 23

With the last few days of the school holidays upon us, James was keen to share a Monday morning surf club session with his son, William.

The waves looked incredible, with the first real ground swell of the Autumn rolling in, groomed by perfect offshore winds. Very tempting, but the boys had other plans…

With the huge surges coupling with the high-tide, it wasn’t looking very safe for a five-year-old to play around in, so jumping over a few waves on his dad’s shoulders allowed the both of them to have a giggle as the water splashed them and pulled them around a little. That laughter is just so special and those excited pats at the end are magic!

We hope that any of you who are able to get to the waves enjoy some of the energy in the ocean over the next few days….even if it is only for a splash about!

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