New Wooden Surfboard Ride Report!

05 . 09 . 23

Sebastian who made a board back with us in 2021, recently got in touch to let us know how he is getting on with his 8’2 Pieces of Eight

Here are Sebastians words, fresh from a summer of sessions in his native Sweden:

“Thanks to the stormy weather, I have been surfing a lot this summer. Super fun! Have had time to get to know my”pieces of eight”. Also hade time to compare with other boards, noticed that:

“Pieces of eight” is an absolutely perfect board for me and my surf. Perfect for Sweden and a slightly slower surfer.
You easily catch waves with it and it is easy to paddle. Which is good as the waves are a bit sluggish, but you also need to paddle a lot against the wind.

The narrow tail offers the possibility for quick turns, the fact that the board itself is quite narrow makes it easy to put on edge, which is appreciated by a snowboarder:) The flat rocker and nose offer trim and the possibility of noserides into the beach.

And the fact that you made it yourself gives an extra dimension and great feeling surfing it. I’m Very happy for this board. It’s a great shape and do it all board.”

Thanks to Sebastian for the kind words and pictures!

If you would like to join us like Sebastian did, and make your own wooden surfboard, click here!

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