Make Your Own Surfboard

Since 2010 we’ve helped over two hundred people to make their own wooden surfboards, and our workshop courses are far and away our favourite weeks every year.

In this guide, you can dig deeper into what is involved in our five-day surfboard workshop course, so you feel well informed to make your decisions before joining us.

If you need any guidance at all, we’re more than happy to chat via phone on 01209 700070 or email. We’re here to help.


First up, is this a gift?

Our workshop experiences are often gifted to lucky humans to celebrate a big birthday, life event or their awesomeness.

We’ve made the gifting process as simple as possible.

Simply click through, absorb some further info and book a space.

James Otter shaping wooden surfboard fish

About the workshop course

Over five days, you’ll build the surfboard of your choosing alongside a maximum of two other people, with us guiding you through each step of the process.

No previous experience or aptitude for making is necessary; we break everything down into bite-size chunks and support you at all times.

Switching off from the day-to-day, immersing yourself in the making of a surfboard surrounded by likeminded individuals and by the end of the week, you’ll have a surfboard to enjoy riding waves on for many years to come…


Day One – Prepare the internal frame and glue it to the bottom skin.

Day Two – Build up the rail strips as far as we can. Glue. Steam. Clamp. Repeat.

Day Three – Big Wednesday. Finishing the rails, fitting nose, tail and fin blocks, prepping the board for the deck and getting the deck skin glued down.

Day Four – Lose yourself with the shaping tools and rough out your surfboard’s shape.

Day Five – Finishing the shaping, sanding and signing off your surfboard. High fives and hugs all round.

James Otter and Tom with wooden surfboards on the coast in Cornwall Wicket and Coaster

When are the workshops?

We run our workshop courses year round and normally have ten to twelve scheduled each year, so most months will include a workshop week.

They typically run for five days, from Monday to Friday, and most days are 9am-5pm, although the Wednesday can sometimes run on a little later.

If there is a specific date you have in mind for joining us and you can’t see any availability, you can always call or email us to see if we can schedule you in.

Browse our Surfboard Shapes

We have a range of shapes from 5’6 all the way up to 9’6 to suit a wide variety of surfers and surf conditions. We are always happy to help you choose the best board for you and your surfing, and we can always design a custom shape for you if that is what you’d prefer.

All our surfboards are designed to utilise all of the benefits of surfing on wood and are made to last.

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James Askham Coaster Otter Wooden Surfboard Workshop Experience Cornwall

"My board will be with me for a lifetime and each personal touch applied during the workshop will bring back those feelings when I’m in the water."

James – 2021 Workshopper

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