New Wooden Surfboard Pickup!

10 . 10 . 23

A few weeks ago Dale dropped by to pick up his freshly finished 8’2 Pieces of Eight

Dale originally joined us us back in June when he came to our workshop for the week to make his own wooden surfboard. A keen surfer and Newquay resident, he had decided to make the Pieces of Eight which would suit his style of surfing, and his ultimate goal was to have a board to stand the test of time, one that he would be able to use for the rest of his wave catching days.

The last time Dale would have seen his board was when he signed it off on day 5 of his workshop experience, fresh from its final sand…

Now complete with a stunning new high gloss coat, leash loop and single fin box, it’s ready for the first dip in the ocean.

We can’t wait to hear how those first few waves go!

If you would like to join us just like Dale did, to make your own wooden surfboard, click here!

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