New Wooden Surfboard Pickup!

06 . 06 . 23

A special surprise for Harry who was given his freshly finished surfboard a few weeks ago during our trip up to The Wave

When we knew we would be going to the Wave back in May, to run a handplane workshop, a plan was hatched to take along a recently glassed surfboard which last year had been made by Harry, (who works at The Wave), so we we could surprise him with it. The last time he would have seen the board was on the final day of his wooden surfboard making workshop, sanded, stamped and signed.

Once we received it back from our finisher, we got in touch with Harry’s girlfriend Lauren (who had booked his workshop as a birthday gift) to discuss ways to get it to him. She mentioned that he had been talking about the workshop non stop and was champing at the bit to get his board back, but didn’t want to bother us with weekly calls, asking when it would be ready. So we thought it would be fun to surprise him with it!

Once our handplane workshop was finished, we managed to sneak the surfboard out to the waters edge without Harry noticing. Upon turning and seeing us, it took a few moments to click that the surfboard Lauren was holding was in fact the one he had made with us. Safe to say Harry was surprised and so happy to get his hands on his fresh new 5’10 Fetch!

Harry visited Cornwall a week later and dropped in to take the famous Blue Door picture, coming full circle since the start of his experience with us.

Lauren kindly shared some feedback with us:

“I bought a ‘build a wooden surfboard’ experience for my partner as a 30th birthday gift, and I am so grateful to James and the team for making it such a memorable and special experience for him. Otter Surfboards made booking the experience very easy, answering my many questions in a prompt and friendly manner.

They made my partner feel so welcome, and took the time to show him and the other guests around the area, as well as inviting me into the workshop to see how everyone was progressing with their boards over the week (and have some time with Buddy, the resident workshop doggo!).

It is by far the best gift I have ever been able to give my partner, and I cannot recommend Otter Surfboards enough!”

Thanks to Lauren and Harry for letting us be a part of such a fun surprise!

If you would like to join us just like Harry to make your own wooden surfboard, click here!

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