Tim, Chris and Harry’s Wooden Surfboard Workshop Experience

12 . 10 . 22

Last week we were joined by Tim, Chris and Harry who all came to the workshop to make their own wooden surfboards, here’s how they got on…

It was a beautiful week to be in Porthtowan, so we were stoked for our new workshoppers to experience our awesome surroundings in the warm sun, there were even a few waves about for some pre/post workshop surfs!

Tim joined us from St Agnes, a neighbouring village of Porthtowan. A keen longboarder, he would be making a 9’1” Wicket, our performance mal, aimed at having a high level of manoeuvrability on the wave. Tim is the owner of the St Agnes Pizza Company, and despite occasionally checking in with the team, he was free for the week to engage in a very different type of making. We even managed an evening surf with Tim, dashing down to the beach on Monday evening to make the most of the swell window, making the week even more special, the birthday gift from his wife that kept giving!

Also joining us, after being gifted a surfboard workshop as a birthday present, was Chris, a design consultant from London. Chris would be making a 7’4” Island Hopper, one of our ‘all rounder’, mid length shapes. Being an intermediate surfer, Chris chose the Island Hopper as a board he would be able to surf and progress on, during his 3/4 visits to the coast each year, with his son, who has just started his surfing journey.

Harry joined us from Bristol, keeping with the theme of big birthday gifts, staying with his girlfriend Lauren in their van in the campsite next door to the workshop. He would be making a 5’10” Fetch, our performance fish, ideal for catching waves and high levels of manoeuvrability. Harry will be getting plenty of chances to test out his new wooden surfboard, as he works as an instructor The Wave in Bristol, as does his girlfriend, who mentioned she would be hoping to get a few surfs on it herself!

Thanks to Tim, Chris and Harry for joining us, we are stoked to have helped them on their way to shaping their own wooden surfboards, and we can’t wait for when they come back to collect their freshly glassed creations!

If you would like to join us next year to make your own wooden surfboard, click here!

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