First Surf On Our Brand New Shape: The 9’6” Tea Tree Wooden Surfboard

04 . 10 . 22

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to join Mat on his first surf on a wooden surfboard he made during one of our workshops. It was a special occasion for more than one reason, as the board is the first to be made of our new Tea Tree model, which you can view here.

Here’s what Mat had to say after his surf:

The board felt really lively off the tail, but had the projection and heft to provide security in the bumpy conditions of my first surf. We splashed it at the tail-end of a swell and conditions deteriorated quickly as the cross-shore wind picked up, but I had enough time to get to know it whilst being left excited to take it out again in cleaner conditions as soon as possible. With the wide point slightly back and the tail kick it surfed well off the tail; I’m really interested to experiment with a slightly larger fin to find that balance of hold when moving further up towards the nose. I have a feeling this board will lock in beautifully and I can’t wait to surf it more.”

Check out the video of Mat’s first surf below…

Thanks to Mat for inviting us to join him on his first surf, despite being full of cold and in worsening conditions!

You can read more about Mat’s experience making the Tea Tree here.

If you would like to join us to make your own wooden surfboard, just like Mat did, click here.

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