Old Friends And New: Our Latest Group Handplane Workshop

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Last month we were contacted by Tim, who made his own wooden surfboard with us back in 2013. He asked whether he could bring some friends to our workshop and make bodysurfing handplanes together, here’s how they all got on!

We count Tim as one of our good friends, he has stayed in touch with us since making his board, and has attended several of our AGMs (Annual Gathering of Makers), a yearly event when we try to get as many past workshoppers together as possible for a surf and an evening meal.

We were stoked for Tim to be able to introduce his surf buddies to what we do, and the experience of making sustainable surf-craft, which they would be taking with them for their next jump in the ocean.

Thanks so much for joining us folks, we can’t wait to hear how the rest of the surf trip went!

If you would like to join us with a group of friends for the day to make handplanes or bellyboards, get in touch!

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