The Otter Surfboards Gift Guide: Get 10% Off!

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With the holiday season fast approaching we are stoked to announce that until the 12th of December, there will be 10% off selected stocking fillers!

See below for our guide to buying for the special people in your life whether it be: The Future Workshopper, The Maker, or The Surfer.

For The Future Workshopper:

A great introduction to Otter Surfboards, and for anyone who may hope to join us join us one day to make their own wooden wavecraft:

Do Make: A book written by James, exploring the lessons, experiences and memorable moments from the ten years of running Otter Surfboards and sharing the fun of making wooden surfboards.

The Surfboard: Author Dan Kieran’s account of a week he spent with us making a surfboard, even though he had never surfed in his life.

T-shirts: 100% certified organic cotton and hand screen printed in Cornwall with water-based organic inks, 5 colours available!

For The Maker:

For the weekend tinkerers and woodworkers, for people who enjoy making things at home:

Make At Home Handplane Kit: We provide the wooden blank and the tools for anyone to shape their own bodysurfing handplane, which can be used when jumping into waves, the purest form of surfing!

Do Make: James’s book features a step by step guide to making your own handplane, a handy addition to the stay at home kit!

For The Surfer:

Surfing can take many forms, the art of riding along a wave can be enjoyed using a variety of wave-craft, and here are some that can fit into a stocking:

Handplane: The easiest and most pure way to access the waves, your body catches the wave as you swim, and the handplane helps you slide along it. You can order them to be custom made, or check out what we have in stock.

Swim Fins: With these on your feet, you can kick more easily into waves, increasing swim speed and propulsion.

Our Make Your Own Workshops:

(Not included in the 10% offer)

For anyone looking to gift an Otter workshop experience, you can find more information on how to do it here…

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