Quality Time

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Not many twelve year olds can say that they built a wooden surfboard in their half term holidays.  Alex can, though.

Jason and his daughter Alex drove down from Aberdeen last week to spend her half term holidays having some quality father and daughter time making something memorable. It would seem that this isn’t unusual for them, as stories of pin-hole camera projects and a barn-find Vespa scooter emerged over the first few days.

Jason and Alex’s weekend project is this 1963 Vespa scooter that still had Italian tax discs on it when they took ownership of it. They’re restoring it to it’s former glory, right down to stripping and rebuilding the carbs.

With two of them creating one surfboard they made incredibly fast progress, working as a team to achieve each task that James set them and meaning that tea breaks had the efficiency of a formula one pit stop.  It also meant that each day’s goals were reached a little earlier and they got to have some relaxing holiday time in the afternoons and evenings.

Alex attends a small school in Scotland so doesn’t get much of an opportunity to do resistant materials or product design as a subject, but it would seem that her various creative projects with her Dad have provided with both the confidence and skills to pick up tools and achieve great outcomes.  We loved hearing about all of the things that they do each school holiday and all of the things that they’ve made, and are really pleased that they chose to spend some of their highly productive quality time in our workshop with us.

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