Time Management And Teamwork

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Sometimes a great swell coincides with a busy week of work, and there’s nothing much that you can do about it.  It’s a great problem to be faced with and one that Penny and Rowena worked hard to overcome when, on the Tuesday of their “Build-Your-Own” workshop course, a small, clean, long range swell started to break on the beaches at the bottom of the hill.  It was really too good to pass up, but it meant a few long days and some good teamwork in order for them to complete their 6’4″ Woodburner and get their fill of waves.

Crafting a wooden surfboard as a team means more than just a helping hand here and there; it requires co-operation and a good sense of humour.

Over the next four days they proved that “where there’s a will, there’s a way”, extending lunch breaks to allow them to get in the sea and then working on into the dark evenings, signing off with a celebratory cup of tea in the dark of Friday evening.  At this time of year, with the days being so short, it would have been all to easy to focus on making and miss the opportunity to get some fun winter waves.  We’re really glad that Penny and Rowena managed their time so well though and worked as a team to allow them to enjoy the best of both, taking home memories of some fun waves as well as a new surfboard.

Penny, done and dusty on Friday evening and about to stamp her 6’4″ Woodburner.

Rowena, Choc, Penny, James and Buddy outside the workshop doors with the product of a well managed week.


To find out more about our “Build-Your-Own” wooden surfboard courses, please click here.

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