Run to The Coast!

29 . 03 . 13

Every now and then you see the sort of weather chart that makes you want to drop everything and run to the coast.  This weekend, bookended by bank holidays, is just one of those:  A low pressure has been sat in the mid-North Atlantic all week and was as low as 950mb at one stage, pushing a good period groundswell towards the shores of Western Europe.  There’s also been a high over the North Sea which has been drawing in a steady easterly wind all week.  So we’re all set for good waves and offshore winds, although it’s going to be a tad cold.

This particular weekend nothing’s being dropped, however we are running off to the coast.  We’ve had a trip to Ireland planned with friends for a good long time now and will be leaving at midnight tonight.  The workshop lights have been on deep into the night every evening this week as James has been busy finishing off orders and tying up loose ends in preparation for a few days away, so nothing’s being left half cooked as we head out looking for waves.  It’s just extremely fortunate that our long-planned trip is coinciding with a good swell and offshore winds.  We’re taking a stack of our demo boards in the back of the recently converted van and will be driving up and down the West Coast of Ireland looking for some good testing grounds for them.  Come the evening, the boards will be strapped to the ceiling of the van and we’ll be sleeping underneath them, hoping not to get too cold whilst we recharge and wait for the sun to peep over the horizon so that we can get back in the sea again.

We hope that many of you will all be doing something similar and taking advantage of a four day weekend and a good weather chart.  Just have a look at the red blobs below if you need any more convincing that heading west until you meet the sea and the swell is a far better option than redecorating the spare bedroom or pottering around the garden this weekend.  Either way, enjoy the weekend!  James will be able to answer e-mails and enquiries from the road, and there’ll be somebody in the workshop on a few days too so you can still reach us if you need to.

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