Jump On In!

13 . 04 . 13

The last few weeks have delivered some really good waves here in the South West of the UK.  In fact it’s been a winter of note, which is why we’ve been reminding ourselves here of the importance of just jumping on in.  It’s easy to get picky about surfing when you can check the waves everyday, and to start pulling any one of a hundred excuses out of your brain to try and justify not pulling on a cold, damp wetsuit with sand smeared across the inside, and head off to put the kettle on instead:  “The wind’s crook” or “I’ll wait for the tide to drop out a bit more” are just two that spring to mind.  But being able to check the waves everyday is actually the only reason that we need to pull up and pull on our wetsuits, because there are plenty of people who spend their days dreaming of the surf but are stuck inland miles away from the coast.  If they were here would they be charging across the sand, whatever the conditions?  Probably.  Today is the smallest it’s been in a while with a pretty strong cross-shore wind but what should that matter?  We’ll see you in the sea.

The image above is of James jumping over the starboard gunnel of the pilot cutter Hesper during a photo shoot that we did last year for our Cutter and Island Hopper models.  He’s holding a 7’4″ Island Hopper that’s currently on display in the Patagonia Store in Covent Garden, London.  We’ll be featuring the Island Hopper model and the good ship Hesper in an upcoming blog post, but would like to thank Hesper’s Master William for welcoming us aboard and being so accommodating.

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