Solstice Swims

28 . 06 . 22

This year, on the summer solstice, James thought it would be nice to enjoy the ocean at sunrise and sunset and try to capture the state of the sea with his camera.

Here’s what happened in his own words:

‘I ran down the hill to the beach at Porthtowan to float in the sea for sunrise at 5:07 and, although the sun takes a little longer to rise up over the cliffs, the colour of the light hitting the underside of the clouds and reflecting on the surface of the waves was a wonderful golden colour; the colour of Summer. 

There was a tiny, clean swell rolling in with very little wind, which gave some incredible reflections on the glassy surface of the water as the swell lines rose up and crashed onto the beach…

In the evening, the sun was due to set at 21:35, so I hopped back in the sea to watch it disappear over the horizon and capture the more inky hues of the evening light. The wind had picked up a little to create some beautiful textures on the surface of the water and the graduation of all the colours of the rainbow across the cloudless sky was absolutely breathtaking. 

What a lovely way to celebrate the longest day of the year for the Northern Hemisphere!’

Something tells us he’ll be doing this again next year…and probably every year after that!

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