Spring Dreaming…

07 . 03 . 23

It’s about that time of year when we start dreaming of longer, sunnier, warmer days and waves…

Despite surfing a winter of solid swells and the occasional, picturesque, wall of water, we often catch ourselves thinking of Cornish corduroy in the the warmer months of the year. One session above all springs to mind from a couple of years ago, when we met up with some friends at Gwithian beach for a glorious, waist-high, offshore, sunny surf.

James snapped a few great shots during the afternoon, some of which we haven’t yet shared, so we hope you enjoy!

Walking down to the beach with the sun smiling down on us, we saw the lines of swell as they rolled in. Quickening our pace as we reached the sand, our steps matched the rhythm of the excited chatter between us. Sitting out in the lineup after a dry hair paddle out brought a calmness, as we felt the soft, gentle rise and fall of each pulse. Peaks then rose up around us as we manoeuvred for the set waves, which peeled gratifyingly in front of our noses, as we high-lined and carved our way back towards the dunes.

Larry surfed our 7’2 Coaster and Chris rode his 6’8 Riser.

If you too are dreaming of surfing an Otter surfboard in beautiful sunlit surf, why don’t you join us to make your own wooden surfboard!

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