Surfboard Focus: 6’10” Jetty

15 . 03 . 15

The 6’10” Jetty was one of the first shapes that we developed here at Otter Surfboards, and it’s one of the most recognisable surfboards in our range.  A classic “egg” style surfboard, the Jetty borrows some of the the best characteristics of longboard design such as a wider plan shape and higher volume, and transplants them onto a shorter board for easier manoeuvrability.

The Jetty paddles swiftly, catches waves with ease and is fast and loose when surfed off the tail.  If the waves are small but still have nice shape then the Jetty will allow you to surf tight in the pocket and turn off the lip without having to stamp and wiggle to generate speed.

We’ve been surfing the Jetty from our demo fleet a fair bit in some decent waves this winter, but now with our minds turning towards the “lunchtime surf” days of summer, we’re excited to keep it in the back of the van for “splash and dash” sessions in small summer surf.  It’s a really versatile shape, equally at home at the shorter end of a longboarder’s quiver as it is as a shortboarder’s “bigger” surfboard for when the waves are small and mushy.  Either way, the Jetty is a truly versatile surfboard, and one that’s a lot of fun to surf.  We prefer to surf it as a single fin, however can offer it with a 2+1 or thruster set-up should you so desire.  Take a look at the options available here.

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