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We’ve just re-stocked our online store with our classic white t-shirt, in the hope that it can tempt the sun to come out and stay out for the rest of the summer.

We apply the same consideration to the production of our clothing as we do to everything else here, so we buy in blank organic cotton t-shirts and have them screen-printed locally with a water based ink.  Cotton production uses more pesticides per square metre than any other commercially grown crop (accounting for around 25% of insecticide and 10% of pesticide use worldwide over only 2.5% of the planet’s cultivated land), and many of these chemicals were originally formulated as nerve gasses for warfare; sourcing, selling and wearing organic cotton t-shirts rather than their regular cotton counterparts, therefore, seems like the best thing to do on every count as far as we’re concerned.  We have our friends at Advertees then print our logo onto the breast of the t-shirts using a water based ink.  This ink is like a dye that sinks into the fibres rather than coating or sitting on top of them, as plastisol based inks do.  Not being produced from petro-chemicals is an obvious draw for us, but other benefits include the fact that you can iron directly over the logo of our t-shirts without the risk of smudging it.

We strongly believe in taking the same approach to responsibly sourcing the different materials that go into the production of our clothing as we do with our surfboards and “hard” products.  It means that we can stand by everything that we produce, knowing that we’ve tried our best to reduce it’s impact on the environment at every stage and hopefully giving you some peace of mind.  As with any white t-shirt, however, we can’t guarantee that it’ll reach the autumn free of the smell of woodsmoke and without any sunscreen marks around the back of the neck if you’ve been wearing it whilst getting out there and enjoying yourself.

Our organic cotton white t-shirt with a screen printed breast logo is based on an age old recipe for style, and available for just £20 by clicking here.

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