Sunshine Hit Me

25 . 05 . 14

“When the sun shines, make hay.  Which is to say: take time when time comes, lest time steals away”

The Otter Surfboards workshop has been good and busy the last few weeks and the same applies, for the most part, to the weather and the waves.  To make the most of the sunshine and consistent run of good swells that have been rolling our way we’ve been setting our alarm clocks early and going to bed with wet hair, trying to sandwich a full day of making wooden surfboards in between golden hour surf sessions.  We know that we’re incredibly lucky to be able to do this, as there honestly can’t be many better ways to start your day than sitting in the sea with a few friends and having the first rays of the sun spill over the tops of the dunes and hit your face.  There are still a few weeks to go until the sun peaks in it’s arc across our northern skies, meaning that for the next few months we can all make hay whilst the sun shines and take the time to get out there to enjoy the things that we love.  It might just mean having to set an alarm clock and being up with the lark!

If you’re interested in putting yourself in this picture then we still have two spaces available on our July “Build-Your-Own” wooden surfboard workshop experience week.  It is running the week beginning July 14th, and we can even lend you an alarm clock if you want to beat the sun to the beach in the mornings!  Hit the link or drop us a line to find out more.

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