The Best Type Of Boss: Tomas’s Wooden Surfboard Workshop Experience

04 . 05 . 19

​Last week we welcomed Tomáš to the workshop to make his own wooden surfboard. Tomáš travelled to join us from Brno in the Czech Republic, having taken a week’s leave from the law firm that he runs, to take a week out to recharge, and to reconnect with his hands. As a land-locked kite-surfer Tomáš most frequently travels to Sicily, however he’s tried his hand a surfing a few times and is planning trips to Portugal in the future to develop this newfound interest.

One upcoming surf trip that he’s planning though is slightly different, as he wants to take his entire team of 11 staff along to learn to surf. What a boss! We’d talked a bit about managing a team of people and Tomáš had spoken about how he invests in looking after his staff, before he mentioned that he wanted to organise a surf trip for them all; he believes that surfing will be a great shared learning experience to bond over, and will hopefully give the people who work him the gift of a new experience. Obviously, we jokingly suggested that once his team have learned to surf, the next personal development trip that he plans for them could be a trip to the UK to make their own wooden surfboards… we just need enough notice to book the barn opposite so that we can accommodate that many people!

Tomáš made a 7’6” Island Hopper that we stretched from our 7’4” template with a more pulled in nose and tail profile.

If you’d like to learn how to make a wooden surfboard with us like Tomáš did, simply click here to find details and dates of our regular wooden surfboard workshop courses.

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