The Boardrack Briefing (Ep.1)” The 8’2″ Pieces of Eight

27 . 06 . 19

​In our new web mini-series, Boardrack BriefingsJames will be talking about each of the hollow wooden surfboards in our range with a different model featured in each episode, running through the features of each surfboard and explaining his design process.  First on the trestles is the popular Pieces of Eight.

The Pieces of Eight is a great board for all abilities, whether you’re a long boarder looking for something a little smaller than your usual board for bigger waves, or if you’re used to riding shorter boards and want something to enjoy the fun smaller days on.  It was a board born from James’ search to find the one-board-quiver for his local breaks in Cornwall, and is a popular choice amongst many of our workshoppers.

We’ll be filming and posting new episodes on the different models whenever we make a new board in the rack, until we’ve covered all fourteen surfboards in our range.  We’ll post them here and on our social media channels, but you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified as soon as they go live (and it’s always nice and very helpful to receive comments on YouTube).  If there are points that James doesn’t cover or other things that you’d like to know then please let us know so that we can build them in to future episodes.  Enjoy!

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