The Boardrack Briefing (Ep.3): The 9’1″ Wicket Longboard

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In the second episode of our Boardrack Briefing series, James talks about the performance longboard in our range of hollow wooden surfboards, the 9’1″ Wicket.

Designed with performance longboarders in mind, or surfers moving up to a longboard and don’t want anything to big, heavy and traditional, the Wicket is a progressive longboard with design features aimed at allowing a high level of manoeuvrability. A more noticeable rocker curve and pulled in tail coupled with the option of a single fin or 2+1 set-up make this a great option for surfers who like to get on every part of the wave.

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Click here to start the process of ordering a Wicket for yourself, or join us to make your own on a week-long workshop course.

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