The Boardrack Briefing (Ep.4): The 6’4” Woodburner Fish

21 . 02 . 20

In the fourth episode of our Boardrack Briefing series, James takes you through the design specifications and performance characteristics of our 6’4″ Woodburner fish.

The larger fish in the Otter Surfboards range, the 6’4” Woodburner is a higher volume fish shape designed with speed, both when paddling and surfing, in mind. Ideal for small summer days or for those surfers who perhaps don’t get in the ocean quite as much as they’d like to anymore, and who might appreciate a little extra volume under them as a subtle helping hand to get into waves and generate speed.

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If you’d like to join us on a workshop course to make your own wooden surfboard then click here, or click here if you’d like to start the process of ordering a custom Woodburner.

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