The Boardrack Briefing (Ep.5): The 7’2” Coaster

15 . 05 . 20

In the episode five of our Boardrack Briefing series, James shares the design details and inspiration behind the popular 7’2″Coaster.

A 7’2” midlength tracker with a refined, pulled in, template and a rounded pintail. The Coaster is designed to shine in anything from waist-high peelers to overhead points and reefs. At 21½” wide and 2¾” thick it’s fast to paddle, handling “meatier” waves with ease, and the drawn out tail smooths turns and holds in well on steeper waves or small hollow runners. This board is fast, tight, and a joy to ride whether you’re cruising in true summer style or rolling into some thicker autumn swells.

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If you’d like to join us on a workshop course to make your own wooden surfboard then click here, or click here if you’d like to start the process of ordering a custom Coaster.

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