The Delivery Man Wears Red

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There aren’t a lot of windows left in the workshop advent calendar, which means that Christmas Day is drawing ever closer.  It’s feeling a lot more Christmassy too with this recent snap of cold weather!  When you order from us the delivery guy still wears red, but it’s not Santa.  We use the services of Royal Mail now and all year round because we respect how tough our posties are by wearing shorts even in winter.  Our final postal dates are December 19th for first class and December 20th for Special Delivery for orders within the UK.  Unfortunately if you’re outside of the UK then you won’t be able to receive any orders placed now in time for Christmas Day – sorry!

We’ve got plenty of handplanes (both the plain cedar “Back-up Plan(e)s “ and the mixed cedar/hardwood “Hand Baggage” planes) and a good selection of t-shirts and hoodies on our walls should you be looking for a gift, last minute or not, for the surfer in your life.  We’re pretty sure that everything on our handplanes and accessories pages will fit into a Christmas stocking too.

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