The Framer Kernow x Otter Wooden Surfboards

25 . 07 . 22

A few weeks ago we shared the exciting news that our surf flowers are now available framed!

Each frame is custom made by a friend of ours, Oli, who makes under the name: theframerkernow. We are really impressed with the level of workmanship, and are so pleased to further celebrate our art collaboration with Ben Cook.

During a recent visit to Oli’s workshop we asked him a few questions so we could share his story, and get an insight into his thoughts on making, woodworking and life in Cornwall…

How did you get started in woodwork?

‘My Dad is a huge inspiration to me creatively, growing up watching him make beautiful furniture and crazy contraptions, he’s always made me feel like any project is possible. I was lucky to be taught Design and Technology by him at secondary school where we had access to an amazing workshop with many tools and processes available to us. Once I’d finished BA Drawing at Falmouth College of Art I tried all kinds of mediums, eventually I got really into marquetry after inheriting a huge box of amazing wood veneers, and my love for all things wood flourished from there!’

Why picture framing?

‘Framing unites my love for woodwork and art. It connects me with a creative community, I get to collaborate with people who bring me all sorts of amazing things, you never know what you’re gonna get coming through the door. Finding a solution which compliments something is very satisfying. A frame can complete a piece of art, protect an artefact and let us celebrate objects that are sentimental to us.’

What does working with wood mean to you?

‘Working with this fascinating natural material there is always something to learn, through understanding its characteristics, acquiring skills from other people, figuring out a design and perfecting processes. It’s a material which offers so many possibilities, your imagination is the limit.’

What side of making do you enjoy the most?

‘Hard to say because I love it all but one of my favourite bits is at the end, after all the laborious sanding, you put the finish on, the colours glow and grain is illuminated. Always a treat!’

What do you love about Cornwall/the ocean?

‘Standing on a cliff looking out over a vast ocean makes me feel small in the best kind of way!

There’s so many places to explore, we’re blessed with unbelievable views and lush nature. Certainly good for the soul!

There’s always opportunities to make new friends, I love how many creative like minded people there are here who are up for collaborating.’

What does the future hold for you?

‘I want to expand on the framing options I can offer people, one way I hope do this is to incorporate my marquetry design to create unique one off pieces.   

Finding ways that I can continue to make my business as sustainable as it can be is very important to me. Using materials from responsible sources and repurposing reclaimed timbres are some of the ways I can do this.

This last year has been crazy, everything’s has moved so quickly as my business has taken off. I know Cornwall is where I want to be. I’m going to put all my energy into my work, enjoy myself as I go and see where it takes me!’


Thanks so much to Oli for taking the time to speak with us!

If you would like to find out more about the framed surf flower, click here.

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