The Power Of A Postcard: Nick, Wim and Martin’s Wooden Surfboard Workshop Experience

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​Everybody loves getting a postcard through the mail, particularly in the age of e-mails when most of what lands on our doormats is bills and circulars. We love one particular postcard in particular; it’s one of our own postcards and it’s been stuck to Martin’s fridge door in Glasgow for almost exactly five years. Martin picked it up at the London Surf Film Festival in 2013 (this year’s festival has just wrapped) where we were lucky enough to have some surfboards on display. He took it home and stuck it to the fridge door and there it’s stayed until his wife prompted him that he really ought to get on and come on one of our course to make his own surfboard, or throw the postcard in the recycling.

Luckily for us, he booked a space on our September workshop week and made himself a beautiful 8’3” Pieces of Eight. It’s got us wondering where some of our other postcards may have ended up? We reckon there are well over a thousand out there that have been picked up at events and festivals. How many of those were written on and put in the postbox? How many are pinned on noticeboards, or stuck to fridge doors? We hope that wherever they’ve ended up, whether they end up prompting a person to join us to make their own wooden surfboard or not, they’ve provided a little bit of inspiration or served as a reminder to get to the coast and enjoy a few waves.

Nick and Wim joined Martin on our September workshop. Nick also made a lovely Pieces of Eight with a really nice rounded squash tail, whilst Wim crafted a 7’4” Island Hopper in pale poplar. The day after the workshop finished, Wim had to go to Austria where he met the Austrian Royal family as part of the promotional work for a film project that he worked on, and he did so wearing his brand new Otter Surfboards t-shirt!

Interested in joining us to make your own wooden surfboard like Martin, Nick and Wim did? Check the dates and availability of our upcoming wooden surfboard workshop courses here.

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