When There’re Waves…

03 . 01 . 14

New Years resolutions are funny old things.  Many people labour over them in the days and weeks leading up to the moment when the clock and the calendar tick over into another year, only to let their promises to themselves quietly slip away come March.  Here at Otter Surfboards we have a small, core, set of values that we keep at the forefront of our minds whilst we work and which are our “resolutions” year on year.  They don’t change and they don’t get dropped come Spring, they’re just the way that we run Otter Surfboards.  This year, though, we’re adding one to the list that was first uttered on James’ trip to Ireland last Easter:

“When there’re waves, we surf.”

It’s this simple; if we get a chance to get in the sea and enjoy the fruits of all of our hard work from time to time, then we will do our utmost to make it happen.  It’s all too easy these days to get wrapped up in things that at the time seem so very important and before too long days or weeks have passed since the last surf.  Surfing is why we make wooden surfboards, and we figure that a swell, a turn of the tide, or a sandbank only lasts so long.  We can just turn on the lights in the workshop and shape once the sun’s gone down if needs be.  Don’t get us wrong – we’ll still be building and shaping more than ever, and the phone and e-mails will always be answered – but if there are waves breaking and we have a window in our day, then you’ll find us in the line-up.  We hope to see you out there too.

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