Why Wood? Part 6: All Of Us Together

05 . 12 . 23

Welcome to the final part of our Why Wood? series, here’s James to tell you more…

All of us, Connected

“Over the years of being involved in making surfboards out of wood, and sharing the making of our boards with our customers, it seems impossible to ignore the innate connection we all have to wood as a material. I know I struggle to walk past a wooden table top without running my hands along it and when people see our surfboards they always reach out to touch them, to use their hands to connect to the wood itself.

Seeing this impulse in all of us, made me appreciate that nurturing our woodlands, oceans and planet is actually something we all have a deep interest in and connection to. Sometimes, we can easily forget how important these are for us, and how connected we all are through them. I’ve learned that a care for our planet is actually deeply linked to a care for other people. Ultimately, the planet will survive, whatever way we decide to treat it, but humans may not. So for the survival of our species, we need to find ways to be kinder.

Kinder to ourselves, to others and to the planet and that’s what we hope to inspire in people through our surfboards and through our workshop courses.

It turns out that when you start making something, you can tap into the power of your own two hands, and wow! How powerful they can be!”

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