Wim’s ‘Make Your Own’ Wooden Surfboard Week

22 . 05 . 24

Last week Wim joined us to make his own wooden surfboard, check out how he got on!

Wim travelled over from Belgium to join us for the week, staying at the nearby campsite, he had a short walk every morning to the workshop where he would be making his 7’4 Island Hopper. A perfect surfboard for some one who does not surf regularly who is looking to catch a lot of waves, and have a good amount of pop up stability during occasional surf trips.

With a background in woodwork, having made some furniture in his workshop, Wim embraced the process of making and then shaping his surfboard. Informing us that James’s book, Do Make, is what inspired him to join us, as a keen maker and since his daughter got him back into surfing.

If you would like to join us to make your own wooden surfboard just like wim, click here!

All of our sustainable wooden surfboards are handcrafted from locally grown, sustainably managed woodlands, made for a lifetime of waves.

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